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    Sanford housing coop was built in 1975 and hasn't gone through any major refurbishment since. Sanford recognises that we have not adapted our facilities in line with the social expectations, but had made efforts to accommodate reasonable adjustments based on individual cases. Please note, changes in our volunteer-run cooperative society,  take time. There are currently two elected voluntary access offices that have the responsibility to advocate for the Social Model of Disability. Please email if you have any questions.

Brief description of the current built environment

    Sanford Housing Co-Op is 100 m from the closest bus stop with bus number 255 connecting to Surrey Quays station. New Cross and New Cross Gate stations are at a 1km distance. The site has one pedestrian entrance and a car park entrance via Cold Blow Lane
and also another pedestrian entrance off Sanford Street. The parking surface is currently very irregular with loose gravel and big holes. Taxi drop-off can be done along the Sanford Walk up to house 10.
    The route from the bus stop, parking or drop-off point to the principal entrances of the houses has irregular surfaces with a minimum of two single steps along the path, loose sand and gravel, and joints between paving units greater than 5mm with unfilled joints deeper than 5mm. The width of the pedestrian routes is not wider than 1200mm and there are multiple trip hazards along the way. Some locations have a headspace lower than 2100mm and there are no hazard warnings. The communal gardens have uneven surfaces and irregular surfaces with loose gravel. Some areas of the garden have gradients greater than 1:12.

    There is a single step to every house in the development. The clear opening width of the main entrance door is narrower than 800mm. Internal layouts of the houses, including shared facilities are narrow and have limited manoeuvring spaces. There are currently no wheelchair-accessible sanitary facilities on the entrance level of any of the houses.


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